We are NOT affiliated with "OTHER COMPANIES".

Let’s first dispel the myths of Crime scene cleanup and meth lab home remediation.

You’ve heard stories about how much "OTHER COMPANIES" charge. Don’t be scared. We’re NOT other companies. In fact, in April of this year we were contacted to become part of those “OTHER COMPANIES”. We had heard the stories too and investigated it ourselves and REFUSED!

We are a Christian based company. A company we’re building using the book of Proverbs. We do not want to hurt anyone in the process of doing our job including homeowners or insurance companies.

Our rates are not just reasonable; we’ve been asked how we do it so affordably. The truth is we’re just not trying to get rich off of the suffering of others. The only thing we want is to expand our business to provide jobs here in Southwest Virginia for other people. Compassionate and caring service 24/7 emergency response OSHA and EPA compliant Financial hardship plans. We use Green chemicals as to not cause illness or injury to pets or to the environment.


Suicides Mass Casualties

Human and Animal Feces

Odor Removal and Deodorization

Blood Stain Removal

Infection Control

Holding Cell Clean Up

Landscape cleanup and improvement

General cleaning services

Home and commercial Burglary Clean Up

Transportation and Disposal of Biohazards

Filth Removal of Distressed Properties

Painting, Drywall Repairing

Flooring (All Types)

Cabinets and Countertops

Window and Glass Replacement