How does this work?

Once you contact us, we will arrive at the scene at a mutually agreeable time, where we will meet with you and/or your designated representative. You or your representative will grant us permission to enter the scene for the purposes of a preliminary inspection, after which we will provide you with an estimate for our services after we measure the area that needs to be recovered. If you then choose to employ us, you will sign our contract for services authorizing us to begin the cleanup process. Obviously, you may stay on-scene if you so choose, but we encourage family to focus on more important matters while we clean the scene. We will contact you as we near completion, so that you can inspect our finished product and sign our acknowledgement of completion.

How fast can you get here?

When you call us, an employee will arrive at the scene within six hours. Most of our service area is within a four hour drive from our location so, unless on another call, we will have the entire cleanup completed within 24 hours for crime scenes. The cleanup process for a former Methamphetamine contamination will take more time.

Can we keep this quiet?

Yes! We will arrive on the scene in unmarked vehicles and will perform our duties as discreetly as possible. We will share no details with any "nosey neighbors." We work in teams of two so there will not be a lot of people roaming around your property and making a scene. Our technicians wear plain clothes that are covered by PPE gear only when inside your home unless bringing contaminated objects to the truck for disposal. Even then, the contaminated object will be covered from view of the public. This way the nosy neighbors won’t have something to talk about. We are very compassionate about what you are going through and we do our best to accomplish our goals with grace, tact, respect, and compassion.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We will work with you. Not against you. We are not like other companies in this regard. Just talk to us about the situation and we’ll do our best to help. If you’re calling us for this type of service, we understand that you’ve already been through a lot and the bill for cleanup should be the last of your worries. We do have payment plans and several discounts that we can offer those without homeowner’s policies.

What happens to my home?

If your wall is damaged, our contractor will replace drywall and repaint the damaged area with flat white paint up to a 4x4 square foot area. This will enable you to find the color that matches your walls at a later date. If your floor is damaged; our contractor will replace the damaged flooring with appropriately sized thickness of plywood that will match the current thickness up to a 4x4 square foot area. This way you can make the decision about your floor covering at a more convenient time. If you need the help of our general contractor, we will be glad to give you an estimate to recover the floor or repaint the entire room before we leave. We will also remove and replace contaminated duct work inside your heating and cooling system. Other companies just clean contaminated ducts but we feel that clean air is very important and that duct work could lead to odors in the near future if not replaced. This is all included in your price. If there is a window or door damaged during the incident, the cost of the door or window and a charge for the contractor will be added to your overall charges. Windows may need to be special ordered.

Will insurance pay for this?

Usually, homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of our service. There are some insurance companies which have become cautious about paying for blood and bodily fluid cleanup, thanks to a few CSC (Crime Scene Cleanup) companies which charge unreasonable, exorbitant fees. We encourage you to contact your insurance company, inform them of the nature of your scene, and confirm coverage prior to contacting us. If you provide us the policy number and insurance company contact information, we will collect the deductible from you and then file the insurance claim for you. If you have problems with the deductible, we’ll be glad to offer you our financial hardship plan to help.

How long will it take to get my house repaired after a crime?

That depends largely on the size of the job. Most jobs will take between four to eight hours with no additional contractor work being done.

Can't we just clean up the scene ourselves?

Yes. Just don't put anything contaminated with blood or bodily fluids in the trash. That's against the law, and can bring some stiff penalties. Also, be very careful with fluid splash. Fluids can quickly and easily enter any opening in the skin, including the eyes, and spread infection. And remember that a small spot of blood on the surface usually means a large pool of blood underneath (under the carpet, under the floor tile, etc.). Not to mention body fluids inside the duct work of your heating and cooling system.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all of Southwest Virginia: