We offer FULL remediation services to homeowners and landlords who have been affected by methamphetamine production inside a residence.

We are on the list of contractors held by the Virginia Department of Health for Methamphetamine Remediation.

We also participated in the methamphetamine cleanup guidelines committee sponsored by the Virginia Department of Health.

We are up to date on the most recent guidelines and also changes coming in the near future. Every home is different. Every home has different levels of Methamphetamine contamination. We will meet with the local health department and devise a cleanup plan that not only suits your needs but your budget. We will also work with insurance companies. We are EPA and OSHA compliant and will provide you with third party testing results to ensure quality work for you and for your future renters or purchasers.


CLICK HERE to see the Drug Enforcement Agency's list of homes inside the state of Virginia that have been used to produce methamphetamines.


For Realtors and Landlords:

Albright Recovery and Construction wants to make it cost effective for Homes used for methamphetamine production to be cleaned and safe. We also help to aid in the growth of the housing industry in Southwest Virginia.

On July 1st, 2014 the Virginia law will change and this change will have a direct impact on realtors in the state of Virginia. This law is Senate Bill 31. It doesn’t happen often but, it does happen. A home is foreclosed by the bank. A realtor or interested persons will want to purchase the home. The home goes up for auction. Under the new law the bank does not have to disclose that this home was used for methamphetamine production. It is sold “as is” to another person. After the purchase the buyer (who is hoping to flip the property for a profit) is made aware that the home was once used to manufacture methamphetamine. Senate Bill 31 requires anyone selling the home to notify potential renters or purchasers of the homes former involvement. This could be very embarrassing and could affect the purchase price of the home.


Even if only one room was used one time, the potential renters or purchasers will still need to be notified. But, you can counteract this embarrassing moment by providing documented test results showing the home to be at or below the Virginia standard for methamphetamine contaminates.


Another issue that our involvement will assist with is protecting you from future litigation. There are many realtors across the country being sued because they were unaware a home was used for methamphetamine production when it was sold. Please research these properties carefully. Check local police and of course the list kept by the DEA on our website. If you have one of these homes, and are trying to sell it, please notify us for cost effective remediation.


Albright Recovery and Construction can first test the home. If the contamination took place 10 years ago, it may not need to have any further cleaning and you’ll have a clean bill of health for the property to show to potential renters and purchasers. If only one room needs to be cleaned according to our test results we’ll only clean the one room and re-test. We are a full service company that can handle all of the remediation a home may need including sink traps, HVAC and more.

As of July 1st, 2014 the State of Virginia will require that all homeowners that have knowledge a methamphetamine production lab was once inside the home, must give a perspective buyer or renter written notification.

Albright Recovery and Construction offers testing for homes that may or may not need our additional cleaning services. These tests are conducted by an independent laboratory to ensure quality. We can test your home and based on testing results, clean the home only if the results show the home to be positive for methamphetamine contaminates. You will be given all documents showing proof of a clean home. These documents can be shown to the renter or potential purchaser as proof that the home is at or below the state minimums for contaminates. This may help you in obtaining your asking price for the home.

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